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My father, José Luis Villamizar Melo, passed away in my home town of Cúcuta, Colombia, in August last year. The law and economics were Dad's profession, but literature, history and academia his passion. He wrote and published several books, articles and book chapters. The thing is that so many people have missed out on his work, particularly on his beautiful poetry, which he wrote in Spanish prior to the world wide web. So I thought, what a better way to keep Dad's legacy alive than to bring his writing beyond his world and share it with mine. That is why I am translating over 250 of my Dad's poems to English and publishing them here, one a day, Monday to Friday during 2011 (Dad, a family man, always believed that you shouldn't work on weekends).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Song of the senses (Cántico de los sentidos)

An interesting take on life from my Dad’s book Urgent poetry (Poesía de urgencia). 

Song of the senses (Cántico de los sentidos)

Late, probably too late,
I have discovered the infinitude of life.
The short snooze that I now adore
is my wise morning master.

I come from sleep and I drown in dreams.

In this awakening of the senses
I hear the stream of water from the pool
through the purifying light of the filter;
the clumsy voice of the humble domesticated birds,
now used to their veranda,
the chirping of the wild birds,
the soft walk of the children who prepare
their daily homework.

Someone on the streets shouts the news.
A distant melody from an unknown origin persists.
My senses are born again
to their task, and they
make me believe that another day begins.
I feel next to me, warm,
the unconscious hug of my loved one.

The jasmine contributes with its white scent.

A gulp of water also tells me
that life is beautiful and that we are alive
when there is water and there is thirst that asks for water.

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